The Conference is intended to provide for the exposition and discussion of research on novel materials including their preparation, characterization, properties and applications. Topics presented will be as the follows:

Symposium A: Innovative chiral and achiral compounds,their novel preparation methods including catalytic ones, properties and applications.
Symposium B: Innovative bio- and biobased materials and composites, their preparation, properties and applications.

Symposium C: Innovative polymers such as conducting,semiconducting  ones,  supramolecular  (supermolecular,dynamers), and their preparation, properties and applications.
Symposium D: Innovative energy systems including fuel cells, solar cells, lithium batteries and supercapacitors, and their key materials, performance and applications.
Symposium  E:  Innovative  nanomaterials  such  as  one-,two-,   and   three-   dimensional   (1D-,   2D-   and   3D-)
nanomaterials, their characterization and application.
Symposium F: New ceramic materials such as super- conductors, electronic, diaelectronic, ferroelectric, piezoelectric, optoelectric and magnetic materials, their preparation and applications.
Symposium G:  Novel  materials related  to  coal,  carbon, fullerene, graphene and graphite, and their applications.
Symposium H: Other novel materials including perfumes, agricultural  chemicals,  photosensitive  materials, displaying materials, fine ceramics and alloys, their preparation, properties and applications.
Symposium I: New characterization methods and application in fundamental and applied researches on new materials.