Fudan University is one of the most famous universities in China. It was established in 1905 and initially named as Fudan Public School. The name “Fudan” was given by the distinguished educator in modern Chinese history, Xiangbo MA, from the Confucian Classics --- “Itinerant as the twilight, sun glows and moon luminesces” --- means unremitting effort of Chinese intelligentsia. Its motto is “Broad scope, Perseverant will, Pertinent question and Profound thinking” (See:

Innovation is an everlasting topic to improve the lives of human being since there are still a lot of unexpected disasters such as earthquake, tsunami, flood, draught and cyclone. Here we are trying to jointly hold IUPAC 7th International Conference on Novel Materials and Synthesis (NMS-VII) & 21st International Symposium on Fine Chemistry and Functional Polymers (FCFP-XXI) in Shanghai, China on 16th~21st October, 2011 since Shanghai is a dynamic and charming industrial city full of oriental wonders and magics along the western coast of Pacific Ocean.

The site of the Conference, Training Center in School of Journalism (★★★★), is located at the main campus of Fudan University.

A post-conference (October 21st (22nd)– 23rd, 2011) will also be arranged for discussion on new development and cooperative research in the fields of fine chemistry, biomaterials, functional polymers, nano materials, energy materials, ceramic materials, metallic materials, other nano materials and application of neutron scattering, and visit to some famous institutes and places of historic interest and scenic beauty near Shanghai.

In Octobers 2005, 2007 and 2009 we successfully organized IUPAC NMS-I & FCFP-XV, IUPAC NMS-III & FCFP-XVII, and IUPAC NMS-V & FCFP-XIX, separately. In 2009, more than 320 foreign scientists from over 30 countries enjoyed the beauty of Shanghai.

This time a lot of famous scientists strongly support our organization of this serial Conference such as Prof. Klaus Muellen (President of German Chemical Society), Prof. Yury Shchipunov (Member of Russian Academy of Sciences), Prof. Dr. S. Penczek (Member of Polish Academy of Sciences), Prof. Dr. Akihisa Inoue (President of Tohoku University, Japan), Prof. Dr. Hiroyuki Nishide (Dean of Japan Society of Polymers, Waseda University, Japan), Prof. Jean-Pol Dodelet (Canada), Prof. Huijun Zhao (Griffith University, Member of Australia Academy of Engineering), Prof. Yong Cao (Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences), Prof. Hasuck Kim (Vice President of Seoul National University, South Korea) and Prof. Pengyuan Yang (China) and so on, and they will deliver excellent plenary lectures on their excellent achievements.

On behalf of the Organization Committee of the Conference, it is our great pleasure to invite you to attend this Conference IUPAC NMS-VII & FCFP-XXI and Post-Conference in October 2011 to renew friendship and to facilitate discussions on fine chemistry, biomaterials, functional polymers, energy storage and conversion materials, nano materials, ceramic materials, metallic materials, other novel materials and application of neutron scattering. We will provide a gift to express our gratitude for your active support and participation, and the costs for banquets and dinners during the Conference if you are our invited guests.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Looking forward to your active participation to add a lot of colors to the success of this symposium and all the best !
Prof. Dr. Yuping Wu, Prof. Dr. Shiyou Guan, Prof. Guoxiu Wang
Cochairman, IUPAC NMS-VII & FCFP-XXI 1

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