The Symposium is intended to provide academics with an opportunity to present and discuss their latest research results in various fields of fine chemistry, functional polymers, and other novel materials. Topics to be presented are as follows:

(A) Innovative catalytic and other synthetic methods including chiral and asymmetrical synthesis.

(B) Innovative polymer materials including supra- molecular, conducting, semiconducting and biobased polymers, their properties and characteristics.

(C) Innovative energy systems including fuel cells, solar cells, lithium batteries and supercapacitors, and their key materials.

(D) Innovative nanomaterials and their characterization and applications.

(E) New ceramic materials such as superconductors, electronic, dielectric, ferroelectric, piezoelectric, optoelectric and magnetic materials.

(F) Other novel materials including drugs, perfumes, agricultural chemicals, photosensitive materials and display materials and their preparation.


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